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By kendjen fp - Saturday, July 29, 2017

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What is Wondershare Filmora ?
Wondershare Filmora is simply and elegant video editing software for beginner, novice and casual users. Anyone can learn how to use this software, regardless to their skill level, and the finishing  results are fantastic. It has everything you need, to make high-quality.
When you launch this program, Filmora will gives you two main options:

1 . Easy Mode

This program is a great way to finishing video in just a few minutes. All you have to do is just import the clips you want and select a theme and music for your project. Filmora then will analyzes your clips and creates your video automatically. You don’t have a lot of control in this mode, but it’s great for projects that you want to make in mere minutes.

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2. Full Feature Mode 
This program gives you complete control over your own video project. You must edit your project on a timeline or storyboard. You will have a total of eight editing tracks to work with  you and only a single video track. This is adequate for a basic projects, and it makes video creation really manageable for the average user. However, if you are looking to make a more unique project, you may run into some roadblocks since more unique videos require more editing tracks.

One and more advanced feature that Filmora offers is its action cam module. This cam module focuses on high-resolution footage captured by cameras such as the action camera. This is really great because it gives the ability to import, edit and export the beautiful, fast-moving and high-definition footage these cameras produce.
If you just starting out with video editing or just want a very simple program that works, Filmora might be what you are looking for. It has the essential tools, and everyone can learn to use it easily. Its interface and workflow are among the easiest to grasp of all the video editing programs. All tools and features like adding text and transitions, applying filters and exporting are available from the main window of the interface. 
You can learn  Filmora in just a few minutes where other programs can take hours.
When you are done creating your project, you have a number of options to get it out to the world. When you exporting, you can create a really simple video file and optimize it for playback on specific devices, like smartphones, tablets or gaming systems. You also have the option to upload your project directly to video sharing sites, like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, which is a really great time saver for regularly posting your videos to social media and it also gives you the option to burn your project to a DVD.
Because this software is geared toward for the casual user, it lacks several of the tools we look for in the best video editing software.
For some that need this progam can download in here its full release
Or you can download from official site in here

officia-for-windows officia-for-mac
For License you can try this licences, i wish is still work because i already try it and it 100% work

Please block all exe file in progam folder to make it safety and you can use it for lifetime

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